Points to consider while designing a questionnaire

The perfection of your research depends on a lot of aspects during the entire process of data collection, analysis and results. The key to delivering excellence in your PhD dissertation is to make sure that each step of the process is impeccable so that together, the final output is flawless. This involves starting right from the topic to the final data analysis and preparing the reports, documentation and final submission as well. One of the key elements of research is data collection and for getting accurate data, it is vital to create a strong questionnaire.

Designing a questionnaire for your research study can be a tedious and time-consuming task.However, if this is done well, you can accomplish a lot more and get access to your PhD with great scores. Keep in mind the following points to design an effective questionnaire:
Mode of data collection: You must understand the different ways to collect data like online, face-toface interviews, telephonic discussions, etc. and create questions as per the mode in which you would like to proceed.

Wording of the questions: Try to keep the questions as simple and clear as possible so that the respondent is not confused and answers correctly
Sequence of the questions: Maintain a logical flow of questions to avoid respondents from getting confused

Efforts of respondent: Some questions require a lot of thinking while others are simple to answer.Frame your questions thoughtfully so that the answers are genuine and unbiased

Accuracy of the information: Respondents answer close ended questions accurately but open ended questions are tougher to comprehend and therefore, to get accurate information, you must design the questionnaire in the best possible way

Visual layout and formatting: Keep the questionnaire crisp and clean in terms of formatting and visual elements. Adding too much design might mislead the respondents and not get you accurate results.

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