Does peer pressure affect your academic performance?

It is not just the parents, teachers and siblings hold responsibility of development of a student, rather, it is also the effect of peer pressure that influence not only academic performance but also personal development of a student. Peer pressure can be considered as a factor or force that persuades a student to consider doing something which he might have otherwise not done. 


For example, you might have chosen a different subject of research if your peer would have not affected your decision to re-consider your previously chosen topic. Apart from such an example, there are numerous positive as well as negative effects of peer pressure on a student. A few positive effects could be pressure not to miss any classes, to aim for a higher percentage of scores, to submit homework on time, etc. and a few negative effects could be to feel inferior of peer’s better lifestyle, choose major subjects under pressure and not because of interest of self, etc.

In a general scenario, students share their problems and feelings with their friends who are actually their peers that impacts students’ decision making pertaining to anything from academic activities to their aspirations. Students need friends for pacifying their curiosity to know someone new around and also for fulfilling their affiliation need. The influence of peers leads them to not realize their own worth and interest, rather they take it on their self-esteem to belong to peer group for vital situations in their life. This results in low achievement rate of a bright student if peer pressure affects him or her negatively.

Being human it is quite obvious that you would listen, learn and implement what others are saying. If those others, are your friends and mates with whom you spend time every day at your university, it is definitely going to impact your key decisions. But, to be with your peers does not always mean that they will hamper your growth or development. Instead, there can be a situation wherein you were not doing well in your academics, but just because of peer pressure you start thinking positively and pursue excellence. An individual student’s reliability of others and his self esteem also adds to positive peer influence.

So, depending on your peers impact will be positive or negative on your academic performance.

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